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Fun & Fitness: Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

After the deliciousness of last weeks “Kari Koko Poul” recipe, we thought this week we would focus on a bit of fun and fitness to ease the effect of that creamy curry on our waistlines.

“Stand Up Paddle Boarding” (SUP) is the latest outdoor fitness craze sweeping the globe and a family favourite here at Le Nautique HQ.


“Early Morning Paddle, Anse Royale”


Originating in Hawaii, SUP is an offshoot of traditional surfing, where instead of waiting for the perfect wave, riders maintain an upright stance and use a paddle to propel themselves through the water. Being beginners to the sport ourselves, we offer nice wide beginner paddle boards to help with balance.


“Example of SUP Surfing… (one day!)”


There are various modes of stand up paddling, including flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing (our favourite here in Anse Royale) or for the more experienced paddle boarders, surfing on ocean waves, SUP Yoga, and even SUP fishing which the boys did attempt (well sort of… see below);



“Sardine Fishing, Anse Royale”


For most of the year, both Le Nautique La Digue and Le Nautique Anse Royale benefit from tranquil calm sheltered seas right on our doorstep, perfect for leisurely paddles, kayaking, snorkelling and fishing.



“Example of SUP Yoga… (again one day!)”


With our crystal clear seas, leisurely paddling over the sand, sea grass and reef of the bay affords the SUP rider a birds eye view of the wonderful marine life we have here in the Seychelles – it really is amazing to see (and you’re burning calories at the same time… winning!).

Strapping a GoPro to your board can give you some great high-resolution shots and videos of your SUP experience. You can even bring along a selfie stick for a birds eye view of your travels (but this requires a bit of balance!).



“Clear Waters, Anse Royale”


Below are a few images from our paddles around Anse Royale bay (accompanied by our Jack Russell Rex). We have yet to take any underwater shots but will be sure to share this with you when we do.


“Paddling & Kayaking, Anse Royale”


“Crystal Clear Seas, Anse Royale”


“Swim Break, Anse Royale”


Are you keen to give it a go?

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