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Le Nautique La Digue – Construction Update

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the Le Nautique crew as construction is now well and truely underway on our new hotel project “Le Nautique La Digue”.

For us as a family it’s the start of an exciting new era and we couldn’t be happier to see where it takes us and of course to share the journey with you.

We have been kept very busy in preparation for construction, travelling to and from site on Cat Cocos (even braving rough seas), loading and unloading tons and tons of supplies, chopping down trees, tidying and levelling the site, measuring and cutting steel (and getting extremely dirty in the process), preparing concrete mixes and overseeing the foundation construction (it helps having an engineer and builder in the family).

As you can see we’re a family that really likes to get stuck in rather than watch from the sidelines – for us its all part of the experience and the journey and we love to get amongst it.

We will keep you posted on how the project progresses from stage to stage, however in the meantime here are a few photos of what’s been happening these past few weeks.


From where it all began…. the old shack


The old beach shack and grounds



Looking at little tired and worse for wear



The shack from the sea at sunset


Stage 1 – Clear the Site



The construction team get cracking



Tree clearing begins and there are leaves EVERYWHERE!



The big old Badamier tree coming down



While it was sad that our beautiful Badamier had to come down, you will be happy to hear that we are recycling its rich timbers into beautiful, bespoke furniture pieces for our hotel. Retaining history in a different form, right when it stood.

Stage 2: Getting Material to Site


Loading 240T of material on the Ton Joe in Mahe



Ton Joe arriving into La Digue at midnight for off-loading



7 hours later the boat is clear (and we are exhausted)

Stage 3: Levelling the Site


Jose playing with the digger



The real digger operator clearing the site



Will and Francis levelling and compacting the footprint of Building 1

Stage 4: Pouring the Footing Blindings & Cutting Steel



Blindings are down


dirty will

Will cutting steel for the footings


dirty annalise

Annalise after a hard days work


Stage 5: Constructing Foundations for Building 1 


Cages in place and shuttering underway



Concrete being vibrated into place



First pour finished



Happy Jose and Builder Francis


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