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Le Nautique La Digue – Construction Update 2

Annalise and I have just landed back in Seychelles after a whirlwind buying trip to Australia. We had an fantastic time doing what we do best (SHOPPING!) – selecting a range of beautiful interiors, fabrics, artwork and homewares for Le Nautique La Digue, as well as sourcing everything from our luxury bathroom fixtures and fittings right through to our pool tiles and the not so glamorous (but equally important) power tools, plumbing and hardware.

It’s amazing what two girls armed with a credit card and a trusty old Toyota Rav 4 can achieve in just 2 weeks! We do have to say a huge thank you to our beautiful grandparents for letting us over-run their house with boxes, bubble wrap and tape, plus our amazing family and friends who helped us load an entire 40ft container in under 5 hours!

In case you didn’t follow our instagram updates from our travels, here are a few snippets of what we got up to in Australia #lenautiqueontour ;


Seychelles International Airport



Picking up our floor lamps



Fun times at Ikea



Bathroom delivery from Reece



We’ve taken over the garage


Container arrives in Hope Island



Tightly packed and room for more!



We love our temporary business cards



Landing back in Seychelles


Arriving back in Seychelles we were straight back into it, with an early morning ferry crossing over to La Digue to meet with the structural engineer and review the reinforcement for the ground floor beams and slab ready for pouring.  A lot has happened on site in the three weeks that we have been away, and we are bursting at the seams with excitement to get the job finished and open our doors.

Here are a few photos from our site visit to La Digue so you can see the progress for yourself;


Ground floor formwork and steel – Building C



Ground Floor Slab & Beams – Building C



Engineer and foreman check the reinforcement



Tying the steel cages for the verandah beams



View towards the mountains



Coffee break and site meeting


Ti Mason making up steel cages

Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to La Digue without a little free-time to tour the island;

palm trees

Beautiful day to be in La Digue



View from the top looking to Praslin



Local La Digue Tortoises



Who doesn’t love a neck massage?



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