About Us

Welcome to Le Nautique Seychelles.

With an eye for modern coastal design yet still reflective of our past, our luxury waterfront hotels have been carefully crafted to reflect the rich history and colourful culture of the Seychelles Islands.

It was imperative that our boutique waterfront properties remain sympathetic to their surrounds and that they retain many of the most distinctive features of traditional Creole architecture and design that we all know and love.

Internally, we write a different story.

Our luxury waterfront rooms feature a contemporary, and at times quirky, coastal design, incorporating all the creature comforts a seasoned traveller could ever desire – handmade king-sized beds, luxurious European linens, complimentary Wi-Fi, cable tv, walk-in rain showers, flat screen TVs, air conditioning, Nespresso machines, and fridges to name just a few.

Did we also mention that all of our rooms are only steps to the glistening Indian Ocean? At Le Nautique Seychelles we wish to offer our guests something different; a fresh, personalised and memorable island experience, unlike any anything else in the Seychelles.

We are a local Seychellois family with international roots, having lived and worked in both Europe and Australia over the past 30 years. We feel that these wonderful countries together with the unique experiences they each offer has greatly influenced what Le Nautique Seychelles is today.

Our resort locations are ideally situated to explore everything the Seychelles Islands to offer. Immerse yourself in the local culture, cuisine and island life surrounded by luxury, comfort, enviable views and quiet calm – the perfect Seychelles experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our island paradise.

We look forward to welcoming you to Le Nautique Seychelles.

Our Seychellois History:

We are delighted to share with you the rich history of our beloved La Digue beachfront hotel site and the infamous local family figures that came before it.

Let us start with our much loved father and grandfather, Karl St Ange who, together with his darling wife Germaine, occupied the site of our luxury waterfront hotel in La Digue for the majority their golden years.

“Ton Karl” as he was affectionately known was born on La Digue on the 31 st  December 1919. The only son of coconut farmers, Kersley and Josephine St. Ange, Karl worked the family’s La Digue plantation alongside his parents, producing coconut oil via “Kalorifer” (drying kiln) and an ox-drawn extraction mill.

Wanting to expand their business, 1936 saw the St Ange family introduce the first patchouli distillery to La Digue, processing patchouli leaves from local farmers all over La Digue and Praslin.

The family later introduced vanilla to their expanding plantation and started intense cultivation of the orchid to become one of the biggest producers and exporters of Seychelles vanilla pods. Thanks to Karl’s entrepreneurial spirit the family traded over one and a half tons of vanilla each year with the Kimpton Brothers of London, earning the St. Ange La Digue Vanilla great recognition in 1960s.

Already firmly established as a leading local visionary, Karl continued to shape La Digue’s destiny for several decades to come.

It was in the early 70s when plantation life was on the wane, that Karl decided to convert the traditional ox-driven cargo carrying flatbed carts into an attractive, hooded people carrier, beautifully decorated with coconut leaves and flowers,that would become synonymous with the island’s unhurried, laid back vibe.

Seizing on the opportunities that the newly built Seychelles International Airport ushered in, Karl ventured into the hospitality trade opening “Cabanes des Anges”, a small beachfront hotel offering a unique, authentic style of tourism unlike any other in the Seychelles. Karl made sure his guests experienced a memorable, truly local, holiday experience – which is still the most sought after escape for the modern day traveller today.

A real peoples person and lover of his beautiful islands, Karl St. Ange decided to dabble into politics, adamant to help change the course of our country’s destiny – which he did in many ways.

As you can see Ton Karl lived life to the fullest and his influence on both on his native island and his country is immense. His imprint on La Digue, despite the fading of the plantations and his cherished ‘Cabanes’ is still evident, and we hope to continue his legacy with Le Nautique Seychelles.