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Update: Le Nautique Luxury Beachfront Apartments

Hello readers. It’s been a quite while since we last posted a construction update on our blog (so sorry to keep you waiting) but as you can imagine we have been super busy working between two tropical islands and two luxury waterfront resorts.

It has certainly been a busy 18 months for us all but were pleased to announce that the end is firmly in our sights, with our firsts international guests booked to stay from the end of November – very exciting times ahead.

The renovation of our luxury beachfront apartments at Anse Royale is all but finished and we are finally enjoying the best bit of the entire job (at least for us ladies) – interior furnishing and design! It’s been so nice to see all of the items that we sketched, commissioned and purchased all those months ago finally coming together…. and I hate to say it but pats on the back all around the apartments are looking AMAZING!

Whilst I don’t want to give too much away until our professional photography is complete, it would be unfair of us to not give our loyal followers at least a little sneak peak as to how its all coming together. So without further ado, here are a few snippets of what we’ve been up to in Anse Royale.


Looking back at our beachfront apartments from the sea wall


All of our beachfront apartments have stunning sea views


The reception – your first port of call 



Both of our reception desks were made from the big old Bodamier tree that sadly had to come down in La Digue – at least the tree lives on in another form.



Putting Le Nautique Anse Royale on the map


One of our bespoke self catering kitchens


One of our handmade king-size beds (sorry we didn’t make the bed yet)



In love with our beachy timber look tiles and knotty rugs


Rain shower reflections



The second bedroom within our two bedroom apartment



Curved LED TVs with Satellite TV channels in all our rooms


Our colourful tropical gardens still growing (they’ll get there)

Welcome aboard

We will be doing another construction update in the coming fortnight, this time on our Luxury Waterfront Hotel in La Digue. Those of you who follow our social media pages would have already seen a few snippets of what we’ve been up to, however its been a while and the site is changing day by day so you’ll be surprised with what you see.

Until next time readers.

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