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Cocktails: Cinnamango Sour

Any wannabe cocktail connoisseur will have noticed that there has been a recent shift back to the basics when it comes to cocktail trends.

There is just something so special and familiar about the simple cocktails that we all know and love – the Daiquiris, the Margaritas, the Old Fashioned, the Gin & Tonics and the ever popular Sours.

Not only are these cocktails deliciously satisfying and the perfect balance of sweet and sour, they are super easy to make!

Local Seychellois rum distiller, Takamaka Rum recently introduced two new sweet and zesty white rums to their repertoire, Mango & Passionfuit and Pineapple which we have been itching to incorporate into our favourite cocktails.


This week we share our “island” versions of a classic sour cocktail recipe … the Cinnamango Sour!



“Cinnamango Sour”



1 ½ Parts Takamaka Mango & Passionfuit

¾ Part Lemon Juice

¾ Part Simple Syrup (Sugar Syrup)

⅓ Part Egg White

1 Pinch Cinnamon Powder

1 Thin Slice Mango (to garnish)

1 Cinnamon Stick (to garnish)



 The Simple Mix:

1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and add the Takamaka rum, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white and cinnamon powder and shake vigorously.

2. Strain the shaken mixture into a chilled rocks glass filled with ice cubes and garnish with the mango slices and a cinnamon stick.

3. Serve, drink and repeat.



So there you have it, a tasty refreshing and super simple cocktail recipe for you to enjoy again and again with friends and family. We would love to hear all about your favourite twists on the classic cocktails so be sure to share your recipes on our social media pages.

Until next time readers.

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