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Creole Recipes: Octopus Curry

Welcome to the latest edition of Le Nautique Seychelle’s “Creole Recipes”. This week we are sharing another local dish and firm family favourite, Octopus curry.

Inspiration for this weeks blog came from a wonderful beachside BBQ that we attend this weekend, where amongst A LOT of other amazing local dishes, the traditional octopus curry was a the definite stand out dish paired with fluffy basmati rice and the delicious Palm Heart Salad.




Octopus is a staple here in the Seychelles and often you will see local fishermen wandering the shallow reefs at low tide armed with only a sharpened stick and a piece of twine to secure their catch. You can find these beautiful fresh octopus for sale on small make-shift stalls on the side of the coast roads, or in the main market in Victoria.

Octopus curry is a simple one pot dish, with most ingredients easily found in the local markets, corner stores or supermarkets. We highly recommend that you use to freshest local produce as this certainly give you the best flavours.


octopus catch2



Serves 4



400 grams of Octopus, boiled and diced

100 grams of Eggplant, diced

20 grams of Ginger root, minced

20 grams of Garlic, minced

50 grams of Onions, minced

10 grams of Green hot chili peppers, minced

10 grams of Curry leaves

10 grams of Cinnamon, leaves

20 grams of Curry powder

grams of Cloves

30 milliliters of Sunflower oil

300 milliliters of Coconut milk

dash of Table salt

dash of Black pepper


octopus cut




Clean the Octopus and tenderise with a rolling-pin. Roughly chop into chunks in the desired size.

Boil the octopus, in salted water, to tenderise further (about 10 minutes). When tender, drain the octopus chunks and discard the water.

Heat the oil in a saucepan (medium heat) and add cloves, ginger, garlic and onion.

Add curry and cinnamon leaves, salt and pepper and chili. Then add curry powder and diced eggplant and cook for 3-5 minutes.

Add boiled octopus and half of the coconut milk and bring to a gentle boil. Let it cook for 5 minutes.

Pour the rest of the coconut milk, reduce heat and simmer until the liquid is reduced.

Serve with boiled basmati rice… Delicious!




Let us know how you get on with this week recipe and be sure to post pictures of your finished dish… and most of all ENJOY!



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