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Fishing: Seychelles Style

You do not have to venture far from Seychelles’ shores to experience some fantastic fishing adventures.



Fishing from Denis Island [Photo Credit: Ameer Ebrahim]


The Seychelles Islands boasts some of the richest fishing grounds in the world, offering both the experience sports fisherman and enthusiastic beginner many fantastic opportunities for record-breaking catches ranging from the mighty marlin and sailfish to the feisty species of wahoo, barracuda, rainbow runner, milkfish, bonefish, trevally, barracuda, jobfish, bonito and tuna to name just a few.



Jose proudly showing off his catch


With most of the Seychelles islands lying outside of the cyclone belt, fishing can be enjoyed year round across our 1.4 million km2 of pristine blue waters. The inner islands offer a variety of rich fishing grounds that are easily reached in both half and full day fishing excursions. Each charter boat and its crew will have their own favourite fishing spots which they will gladly to share with their clients.



Keen fisherman Ameer with one mighty Snapper [Photo Credit: Ameer Ebrahim]


The traditional technique of bottom-fishing will land you a catch of spirited (and tasty!) coral-reef fish such as snappers, coral-trouts, seabass, jobfish and groupers to name just a few.  Here are a few fun photos from our latest half-day bottom-fishing adventure;



Stu is all smiles with his first snapper of the day!



Fishing… not just fun for the boys!



Our tasty catch of the day…


After a bit of bottom fishing, why not try your hand at big-game fishing? The Seychelles waters offers a chance to test your game-fishing skills against giants such as the mighty marlin, sailfish, giant dogtooth tuna and yellow fin tuna, larger ocean-going sharks and many other species.



Big game fishing success .. two Marlins! [Photo Credit: Ameer Ebrahim]


No fishing license is required for recreational fishing in the Seychelles and as such you are free to fish at your leisure in most of our expansive waters. That said, to preserve our countries unique and fragile marine environment, fishing is prohibited within the perimeters of Curious, Cocos Island , Bay Port Launay / Baie Ternay and the Sainte Anne Marine National Parks. Seychelles is proud of its long-standing enlightened conservation policies, adopted to ensure protection of fish stocks through best practice in the fishing arena.

(FYI…Spear fishing is banned throughout Seychelles waters and local customs officials will confiscate such items from anyone entering the Seychelles – so best to leave those spears at home)



So who’s keen to go fishing?

The team at Le Nautique Seychelles (La Digue and Anse Royale) will be happy to assist you making your fishing dreams a reality – just ask us how!

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