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Hiking Trails Around Mahe

The Seychelles is renowned for it’s tropical beauty, white sandy beaches and lush green forests. While many holiday-makers prefer to laze on our warm sands with a cocktail in hand (who could blame them), the more adventurous travellers chose to lace up their hiking boots and explore the wilder side of the islands. So for those seeking a bit of island adventure, this week’s blog covers a few of Mahe’s most popular nature trails and hikes.



Anse Major:

This spectacular coastal trail snakes along the lush, uninhabited northern coastline of Mahe from Bel Ombre to the picturesque cove of Anse Major. The hike is moderate and takes approximately 1-2 hours one way, so allow at least 4/5 hours for a return trip with beach time. For those wanting to view the coastline from another angle, you can opt to catch a yellow “water taxi” back to Bel Ombre (Happiness water taxi – 2540454).

Bus: Route 21, direction “Bel Ombre”




Situated in the Morne Seychellois National Park, Cassedent is a relatively long and winding nature trail of continuous ascends and descends through fascinating communities of screw pines, a palm marsh and endemic trees. The round trip will take approximately 6-7 hours, however there is a stunning natural waterfall at trail’s end – the perfect resting spot to relax before heading back.

Bus:Route 14, direction “Port Launay via San Souci”




Another trail situated in the Morne Seychellois National Park, the trail starts at Val Riche, Port Glaud and snakes through lush forests blooming with unique flora and fauna, before spilling out onto a wide expanse of granite at the mountain-top where you can enjoy stunning 360 degree island views. The round trip takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Bus: Route 14, direction “Port Launay via San Souci”



Le Niol Trail (Dans Gallas):

This moderate to difficult trail takes approximately 3 hours return but is worth the effort as it offers a variety of unique panoramic views along the route,and finishes with a  stunning vista at the top where you can view everything from Beau Vallon Bay (and most of Northern Mahé), to the town of Victoria below and right down the eastern coast towards the airport.

Bus: Route 32, direction “Le Niol Terminal”



Glacis La Reserve:

This trail is located in the south of Mahe and starts just off the Montagne Posee road that links Anse aux Pins on the eastern side to Anse Boileau on the west. The trail would be described as  easy to moderate, however there are occasional steep climbs that pop up along the way. The circular tracks takes approximately 1-2 hours and allow hikers to see beautiful palm forests, homw to five out of the six native palm species of the Seychelles. Three lookout points along the route also offer rewarding views of Mahe.

Bus: Route 4, direction “Anse Boileau via Mt. Posee”



Glacis Trois Freres:

With an altitude of 300 metres, the Glacis Trois Frères trail offers a magnificent view of Victoria, the Ste Anne Marine Park and even the islands Praslin and La Digue on a clear day.  This hike takes approximately 1.5 hours and starts at the Sans Souci Forestry Station (indicated with a wooden sign “Trois Frères”). Snaking through the lush Morne Seychellois National Park, the trail is not an easy, however the view at the top is certainly worth the steep climb.

Bus: Route 14, direction “Port Launay via San Souci”



Mare Aux Cochons:

This is one of a series of interlinked hiking trails that lead deep in the beautiful Morne Seychellois National Park. With so many trails heading up the lush Mare Aux Cochons valley, hikers to customize their experience depending on their own level of fitness and specific interests. The trail starts at Danzil (Bel Ombre) close to the start of the “Anse Major” trail. The roundtrip takes approximately 4 hours and traverses through dense forest blooming with incredible flora and fauna, historical ruins and a even a stunning waterfall.

Bus: Route 21, direction “Bel Ombre”



Mission Lodge:

This easy 15 minute walk is a must-do for anyone visiting Seychelles as it is a place of great historic and cultural value to the Seychellois. Located within the hills of Sans Souci, follow the signs to “Mission Lodge”. The trail starts from the “Mission Lodge” carpark and leads to the ruins of the “Venn’s Town” school built by the Anglican mission for the children of freed slaves. The end of the trail offers one of the most famous vantage point in all of Seychelles – a small pavilion where Queen Elizabeth II once sat for tea in 1972.

Bus: Route 14, direction “Port Launay via San Souci”



Morne Blanc:

This moderate 2.5 hour trail starts high in the Morne Seychellois National Park and passes through an old tea plantation, as you head uphill towards the peak of Morne Blanc mountain where expansive island views await you. Hikers will see many fascinating and diverse plant communities along the way as well as endemic bird species, such as the Seychelles bulbul, the Seychelles swiftlet, and the Seychelles sunbird. An early start is recommended to avoid the sun and mountain mist which sometimes form later in the day. Be warned, there are several caves and holes in this area that can be highly camouflaged due to the thick jungle undergrowth, so hikers are advised to not stray from the path.

Bus: Route 14, direction “Port Launay via San Souci”


Vacoa Nature Trail:

This easy trail begins close to Avanii Barbarons hotel at Anse Boileau and winds up and around the Dauban River, through a network of mangroves and stunning granite boulders towards the forest further inland. The forest is dominated by quirky Pandanus trees, often called “screw pines”or “vakwa” (in Creole), the leaves of which are weaved into traditional carrier bags commonly seen around the markets of Victoria.

Bus: Route 9, direction “Port Launay via Les Canelles”



FYI…  trail brochures produced by the Ministry of Environment can be purchased at the Antigone book store in Victoria or at the Botanical Gardens on the outskirt of the capital.

So which trail are you going to explore next?



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