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Our Top Picks: Restaurants in Mahe

We’re in the midst of a foodie revolution and a day doesn’t go by when our Facebook or Instragram feeds aren’t filled with images of mouth-watering #foodporn, unique recipes from across the globe or a retro revival of the classic milkshakes, donuts, burger or even humble cheese toastie.

Any culinary connoisseur knows that the perfect dish is all about pairing and one pair that’s always been top of the list is food and travel. Seasoned travellers will always tell you that trying a destination’s cuisine is one of the most enhancing experiences of any trip.

As you have seen in our past blog posts, the team at Le Nautique Seychelles are passionate about Creole cuisine and often blog our favourite local Seychellois recipes whenever we can. We hope that you have enjoyed creating these culinary delights at home and look forward to hearing all about your experiences.

Taking a different direction this week, we want to share with your our top picks for restaurants on the main island of Mahe, offering everything from local delicacies such as octopus curry and red snapper in creole sauce, to international cuisine from Europe, Asia, South America and everything in between.

These might be our top picks for restaurants in Mahe, but don’t take our word for it – see what other travellers have had to say about these wonderful restaurants on Trip Advisor;



Cafe Bravo, Eden Island

“No trip to the Seychelles is complete without a trip to Bravo! My wife and I were in the Seychelles for a week and visited Bravo on three occasions. The breath and depth of the menu caters for all, but I couldn’t get enough of the local seafood dishes. The owners are extremely hands on and looked after us as if we were family!”

– Matt M 

“At Eden Island – the location is amazing. Tasty food, large portions and good service though a tad pricy. Definitely recommend – even if it is just to have a drink and admire the yachts in port with a Seybrew”

 gt5012014 (London, England)


Chez Plume, Anse Boileau

“This restaurant is the best I have found in the Seychelles. We had a family celebration dinner at Chez Plume for 5 adults, mainly Seychellois, and 2 toddlers. The welcome was friendly, and the service throughout was perfect. The staff and chef understood the need for the children’s food to be quick…..a rarity anywhere…..and our questions about the intricacies of the interesting, mixed menu, including some delicious creole specialties, were all fully explained. The food was wonderful…… “best fish ever” was the verdict of our well-travelled seafood eating family……and the local creole dishes ( flying fox terrine, black pudding etc) were well balanced, spicy without being overpowering and well worth being adventuress. A nice selection of home-made deserts was available…..the outright winner of that one was the Passion Fruit Souffle!”

– David B (Dubai, UAE)



Coral Asia, Beau Vallon

“I ate sushi in pretty much places around Europe, and I can guarantee this is a wonderful sushi!
Plates are well presented, we had a male waiter that was super kind and smily, just try noodles with mushrooms and beef and you will have a delightful experience!  25€ per person eating sushi up to fill us completely, price would be competitive even in other cheaper countries, definitely a must go”

– Riccardo P

“Loved Coral Asia. The fish was fresh, the staff was so friendly, and the chef even made me a customized dish – which was the best thing we ate all night. Location was also great. One level above the sea shore with expansive views of the water”

– MCeeTG (Washington DC, USA)




La Grand Maison, Au Cap

“From the beautiful location on arrival a stunning Plantation house, fantastic cocktails in the terrace lounge to the dining area at the rear terrace. Perfect music choice and wonderful ambiance. All that before we even mention the food, which is selected from a small yet interesting menu of local seafood and traditional meat dishes with a twist. The flavour combinations are amazing and paired with the wine selected by Christelle it is truly a culinary experience that must be tried and tried again!” 

– Warren T (Anse Royale, Seychelles)



La Scala, Bel Ombre 

“The setting of this restaurant marks it as a place of distinction. Set back slightly on a steep slope, overlooking the sea, the slightly ramshackle but romantic look of the place is so very inviting. There is a covered patio, an interior open dining room, and a really cozy bar area. You might be mistaken you were visiting someone’s private palazzo. There is a family feel to the people working there. The menu is not very large, but it is well chosen. The fish is exceptionally good, as is the Chateaubriand for two. Everything we ordered was delicious. The proprietress was very eager to make this a special (birthday) dinner for us and she did it brilliantly. An unforgettable experience. It was not an inexpensive night, but it was well worth it. Superb dining experience!”

– dsm_99 (Wassenaar, The Netherlands)



Le Del Place, Port Glaud 

“Prior to going to Mahe on vacation, I tried to read everything I could on the various excursions, a little history, and the restaurant that were around my area. Del Place rated very high in my book because of the reviews that had been written, and also the pictures of the food. From the outside, the restaurant does not look like much, however once one enters, one is surrounded by warmth, charm, lighting, and a friendly staff. My waitress gave me a table at the corner end away from others, and overlooking the water. The view was an added bonus. I ordered a smoked fish salad which was the best I tasted thus far, and my large dish of assorted seafood followed suit. The entree was full of freshness, flavor, and was very generous helping of food. My waitress asked if I wanted rice,or chips, but opted for a green salad. I ate half of my plate of seafood, and brought the rest back to my studio apartment , and I also was able to assess wifi”

– Eponymist13 (New Jersey, USA)



The Maharajas, Eden Island 

“The Maharajas truly lives up to it’s name- royal, regal, and clad in grandeur. As soon as we entered, we were escorted to our table by the courteous staff. The interiors of the restaurant are decorated in rich earthy red and opulent gold. The food was delectable, sumptuous and mouthwatering and prepared perfectly and served hot. The baingan bharta in particular was just perfect- the spices worked their magic. It’s a great restaurant and perfect for those who wish to enjoy the views of the turquoise waters outside along with delicious food. Loved it immensely”

– Sarayu S (Mumbai, India)



Marie Antoinette, Victoria 

“We were recommended this restaurant on the very first day we arrived in Seychelles. The advice was “if you want authentic Seychellois creole cuisine, go there!” and my advice to you reader is exactly the same! The food was superb, the ambience delightful and the service was the cherry on top! It’s a set menu that includes, chicken curry, parrot fish, grilled red snapper, aubergine fritters, rice and various pickles. We ordered one set and then two extra dishes, which we paid additional for – prawns and (wait for it …) fruit bat!! Yes.. That was not a typo… And it was delicious! A mix between rabbit and pigeon (and not chicken… ) it was marinated in wine and then braised in spices. It was tender (albeit filled with bones, hence the rabbit analogy), and very tasty. We drenched the rice on our plates with the curry! The prawns were crunchy and sweet and the traditional creole fare was exquisite! It was like insanely good home cooked food, the kind that warms your heart and your tummy. This was also coupled with the fact that the building itself used to be someone’s home and the whole restaurant was decorated with little trinkets and old photos”

– Singaporegirl1308 (London, England)



Trader Vic’s Seychelles, Bel Ombre

“Traders Vic’s one of a kind bars in Seychelles. If you are an avid fan of Cocktails there is the paradise for you. The variety of the cocktails served make them unique and the quality of the food is appreciable. The must try Traders Vic’s signature drink – Puka Puka”

– Anupaul99 (Victoria, Seychelles)

“Trader Vic’s always has a good menu of dishes they know how to make to perfection, and of course they know how to make perfect cocktails, plus they always have a decent authentic band (great Cuban music) so you usually have a fun night out. This had all the above but just lacked a little of the trader atmosphere, maybe turn the lights down a touch but otherwise great. If you go and don’t have their 1944 mai tai you’re missing out, and it’s a welcome big measure here, but they’re all good”

– Patrick B (Dubai, UAE)

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