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Man About Town: A day out in Victoria

No trip to the Seychelles would be complete without a visit to the vibrant, colourful capital of Victoria on the North-Eastern coast of Mahe.

The beating heart of the Seychelles, Victoria is centered around the picturesque, bustling “Port Victoria”, home of world-renowned sustainable tuna canning company John West and the Inter Island Quay where you can catch daily connections to the inner islands of Praslin and La Digue. The port also plays host to many international cruise liners, passing navy ships and global cargo ships – the lifeline of our little island nation.



“Port Victoria, Mahe”


Strolling around Victoria you will come across many beautiful, historic and traditional buildings, little alleyways boasting hidden gems, tasty cafes and restaurants serving local delicacies, shops selling traditional handicrafts, and friendly colourful characters keen to offer up fantastic stories if you have the time to listen.



Handicraft Markets, Victoria


In todays blog we will cover a few of the must-see attractions of our little town, all best viewed on foot to give yourself that best chance to fully immerse yourselves in Seychelles “island life” and to give you a real feel for the Seychellois people, their culture and way of life.


market seychelles

“Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market, Victoria”


Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market – Mahé’s busy and colourful market is the best way to get a true feel for the Seychellois people and their way of life. Built in 1840, Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market remains the main local produce market in the Seychelles, bursting each and every day with colourful fresh fruit and vegetables, locally caught fish, coconut oil, vanilla and cinnamon, as well as sweet-smelling flowers and local art and handicrafts. 



“Clock Tower (Little Ben), Victoria”


Victoria Clocktower – The Victoria Clocktower, or Lorloz as it is better known in Creole, is the most prominent feature of Seychelles’ small capital, and has acted as a focal point for nearly 100 years. While all around massive transformation has taken place in the town centre, with modern buildings of concrete and glass springing up, the Clocktower has remained virtually unchanged. The Lorloz is an elegant replica of the clock that was first erected in London in 1897 at the junction of Victoria Street and Vauxhall Bridge Road, near Victoria Station.


kenwyn house

“Kenwyn House, Victoria”


Kenwyn House – Built in 1855, Kenwyn House, is an elegant example of French colonial architecture and is one of Seychelles’ most visited monuments and a must-see for visitors exploring the Seychelles capital, Victoria. Home of JOUEL- the premier luxury retail company in Seychelles- Kenwyn House offers visitors a chance to explore an historical site while browsing through a world-class jewelry selection comprising of six JOUEL collections. There are also some cute little handicraft kiosks located just across the road from Kenwyn House – perfect for souvenirs, sarongs and traditional Creole hats.



“Natural History Museum, Victoria”


National Museum of History – Established in 1964, the National Museum of History is charged with the acquisition, preservation and exhibition of historical artifacts for the public benefit. Exhibits illustrating the history of Seychelles include such items as the oldest map drawn in 1517, the Stone of Possession, the world’s smallest statuette of Queen Victoria, and objects of ethnographical interest that exemplify the traditions and modes of life in times gone past.


botanic garden

“Seychelles Botanic Gardens, Victoria”


Seychelles National Botanic Gardens – One of Seychelles’ oldest National Monuments, the National Botanic Gardens boasts a wide collection of mature, exotic and endemic plants within five acres of landscaped and beautifully maintained tropical gardens. An added attraction is the population of giant tortoises from Aldabra, some of which are over 150 years old.

Now go and explore and let us know how you enjoyed your visit to our little town of Victoria.



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