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Cocktails: Zesty Passion Fruit Mojito

Hi everyone, Natasha here back from my travels across the eastern coast of Australia. Huge thank you to Annalise for holding the blog fort while I was away – I really enjoyed being on the reading end of the blog for a change and think that she did an amazing job (as I know many of you will agree).

Stuart and I arrived last night so are still a little fuzzy headed, jet lagged and reacclimatising to the heat and humidity of paradise island (she says as she sits comfortably under the air-conditioner blowing a cool 22 degrees) – as such this weeks blog post will be short but oh so very sweet!





It’s been a while since we posted a cocktail recipe on our blog and as you know cocktails, sun, sea and sand go hand in hand with a relaxing, tropical island holiday.

Mojitos are a favourite summer cocktail here in the Le Nautique household – we just love the fresh mix of  mint, lime, soda and takamaka rum – all locally sourced and oh so refreshing! Add to the mix fresh local passionfruit and you add another zesty element of tropical fruitiness that makes this cocktail even more of  a pleasure to sip on.

So without further ado….. we give you the SEYCHELLES PASSION FRUIT MOJITO!





8 passion fruit

¼ cup fresh mint leaves, plus extra for garnish

5 tablespoons granulated sugar

6 oz light rum (try the local Takamaka rum

6 tablespoons lime juice (fresh)

4 – 5 ice cubes, plus more for glass

Club soda


Cut open the passion fruit and push through a fine mesh strainer to catch all the juice, press hard against the passion fruit to also catch the pulp. Get as much juice and pulp from the passion fruit as possible. Reserve the seeds and set aside the juice.

In a cocktail mixer, muddle the mint and sugar together to help release the oils from the mint. Add the rum, lime juice, and ice, then shake vigorously.

Add ice to your glasses (preferably a high ball glasses, but any glass will do) and divide the mixture among the glasses.

Top with a splash or two of club soda and stir in the passion fruit juice/pulp. Top with mint and passion fruit seeds for garnish.




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