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Timeline: Seychelles History

Working in La Digue this week, I stumbled across the latest copy of “Seyguide” magazine – a fantastic free tourist information guide on beautiful island paradise.

Finally finding the time to kick back and relax on our newly built waterfront deck, I casually flicked through the guides glossy pages and came across a fascinating article detailing the timeline of Seychelles history.

Knowing what a great blog post this would make, I  just had to share this historic timeline with you all. I have also added a few extra dates into the mix (information I have picked up on my travels around the islands), as they offer even further insight into our colourful, multicultural past.

We love learning about our new island home and I hope that you enjoy hearing about it too.

So without further ado… let’s delve back in time!


Initial Discovery


851 – First mention of the Seychelles appears in Arabic Scriptures

1502 – The Portuguese discover the islands and name them the “Amirates Islands”

1609 – The beauty of our shores is first documented by visiting British vessel “Ascention”


French Colonisation


1742 – The first French expedition (Lazare Picault) arrives in the Seychelles

1756 – The Kingdom of France takes possession of the Seychelles

1770 – The first permanent French colony is established on the islands

1778 – The King Establishment founded the capital of Victoria


British Colonisation


1814 – Seychelles was officially ceded to Britain

1835 – Saw the abolition of slavery in the Seychelles

1860 – 2409 African slaves are set free over the next 10 years

1862 – Mahe experiences a devastating avalanche in Victoria

1876 – Venn’s Town School opened for children of freed slaves

1903 – Seychelles becomes a British Colony

1939 – The “Seychelles Rupee” (SCR) is created

1948 – The Seychelles Constitution and Electoral Commission was created

1964 – The first political parties are created – SPUP and the SDP

1971 – Saw the opening of the Seychelles International Airport

1972 – Queen Elizabeth II inaugurates “Mission Lodge” – the site of Venn’s Town School

1975 – Seychelles becomes an autonomous colony




1976 – Seychelles achieves independence on 29th June and becomes a Commonwealth republic




1977 – Albert René overthrows the Presidency of James Mancham and forms the SPPF Party

1979 – Seychelles becomes a Sovereign Republic with a one-party rule

1993 – A democratic multi-party political system is introduced and new constitution drafted

2004 – Albert René retires after many years in power and transfers the Presidency to James Michel who is re-elected again in 2006, 2011 and 2015.

2016 – The first time in Seychellois history that an opposition party (LDS) wins the majority in the Parliamentary Elections. James Michel resigns and hands the Presidency to his Vice President, Danny Faure.

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