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Le Nautique La Digue: Construction Update 5

Bonjour readers! We have just returned from a short but super speedy site visit to La Digue this morning and thought it was about time we updated you on what’s been happening at Le Nautique La Digue.

The crossing today was just magical, the seas were flat calm and gleaming turquoise in the morning sun, which meant that we could really push our little red boat to the max, making the 34 mile crossing from Anse Royale to La Digue in just 1 hour.

But back to site… as you will see from the photos below things have really progressed in the 7 weeks since our last construction update. The reinforced swimming pool shell will be completely finished by the end of the week, with the laundry building currently underway and the first floor block work to the main three buildings complete and awaiting the roofing timbers which have been plained and primed ready to go.

Next week we will start to see the roofing timbers going up on the first building together with the verandah posts and beams which will completely transform the look of our buildings from the concrete shell we see today to a softer, more traditional creole home.

But enough talking from me, have a look what we have been up to the past few weeks…

The view from one of our upstairs rooms


Looking down on the construction of our swimming pool slab from another of our first floor rooms.


The swimming pool wall reinforcement is starting to take shape.


Looking back at our buildings with the first floor block work completed.



Our glass sliding doors being off-loaded – the last stop in their journey from South Africa.


Unloading the beautiful decking timbers (thanks Swissline Timber Engineering)


Concrete pour starts on the swimming pool slab.


Swimming pool slab complete just as the sun starts to set.


Reinforcement for the infinity pool edges installed and shuttered ready for concreting.



Internal staircases are in.


Carpenter working on the verandah posts.





Laundry building slab underway.



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